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LED – Too Bright for Architectural Outdoor Lighting?

As the outdoor lighting experts in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area, part of our job at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is to stay on top of the newest and best outdoor lighting technologies. We pride ourselves on providing only the high-quality fixtures that will make your home and property looking great for years to come. Right now, the best technology is simple: LED.

LED can be met with a lot of questions with respect to its aesthetic quality. Many people think of LED and equate it to the bright light of LED landscape lighting 5 years ago when the color output wasn’t up to our standards. The light was a very cool white that was almost blue looking. Lucky for us and our clients, that’s no longer the case. LED has a warm color now that makes it perfect for architectural outdoor lighting. Look how beautiful this property looks with LED!

Now that LED’s color isn’t bluish, it truly stands apart as the best option for residential outdoor lighting. For nearly 20 years OLP has been providing homeowners with low voltage lighting options, cutting down on the cost of running landscape lighting. LED saves up to 80% in electricity for your lighting system needs, resulting in just a few dollars each month.

Ongoing maintenance and service is diminished by using LED. We still recommend having us out to your property at least once a year to make sure not only the lights, their bulbs, and fixtures are working properly, but also to make sure all the wire is still buried, the fixtures are straight and don’t need to be moved. That being said, you won’t be calling us out very often due to a light that’s out. Why you ask? Because the bulb life is far superior to the technologies that came before it. Bulbs can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours!

If you have any other questions on why LED may be the right option for your home, please watch these short FAQ videos and contact us when you’re ready to install stunning outdoor and landscape lighting on your property.