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Outdoor Lighting Service Keeps Your Lights Looking Spectacular

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we pride ourselves on designing and installing gorgeous custom architectural and landscape lighting in Midlothian, Richmond and the surrounding areas. Each one of our new installations includes a year of free maintenance, but continuous maintenance and service is key to keeping your lighting designing illuminating your property as it was intended.

Entryway lightingWhen we say lighting maintenance, we mean more than just switching out light bulbs. In fact, in the case of our LED landscape lights, those bulbs are expected to last between 40,000 and 50,000 hours. Here are some the service points our technicians look at for complete service adjustments:

Fixture position and beam spread. When a professional outdoor lighting company like OLP installs a system, we ensure that the fixtures are all straight and the light is directed appropriately. However, over time, that can change. Lawnmowers, kids, or animals can all bump fixtures slightly and affect the beam spread. Placing everything back to where they were initially installed keeps your system looking spectacular.

Landscaping. Richmond is blessed with beautiful trees, flowering bushes and more. The problem? They can grow quickly! When it comes to your lights, landscaping can grow into the light’s path, affecting the system’s look. Our team will trim your vegetation (with your permission) or move fixtures entirely if they need to be.

Landscape lightingWires. When the OLP team first installs a system, they bury the wire in the ground, but erosion may expose some of it. Normal lighting service providers will walk your property looking for any wire that needs to be reburied. If any wire has been cut, we’ll fix or replace it as needed, too.

Light output. A new façade and landscape lighting system washes the property in warm light that even across the board. We make sure not to have what we call “hot spots” where the light is too bright, throwing off the balance. It’s normal for light to lose some of it’s light output the longer it’s been working, but it can be adjusted back.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives doesn’t only service and maintain its own lights. If you have another system, but still need help don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Schedule your service appointment at 804.874.9985.