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Architectural Lighting Brings White Ranch Back to Life at Night

One aspect of being a trained outdoor lighting designer that continues to be a pleasure is creating the perfect lighting system for all types of properties. Be them residential properties, boutique hotels, wineries or other property, each and every one is different. And while we’ve done some very large jobs, it’s oftentimes the smaller ones that make the biggest impact.

This architectural lighting job in Midlothian is a simple design that shows how lighting truly can bring a home back to life as nighttime falls.

Before outdoor lighting
Here is the house before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives came to visit. As you can see, there are two small coach lights on the front porch, but unfortunately they don’t provide enough illumination. The front steps sit in the darkness and the home’s details are completely lost.

And here’s the home after. Now do you see what a difference great outdoor lighting can make?

After outdoor lighting
This one story ranch is very appealing. The white brick with the dark shutters add contrast, while the shrubbery adds texture and serious charm to the front façade.

In designing an architectural lighting system for this Midlothian home, our designer wanted to wash the entire front façade in warm illumination that would highlight all aspects of the property. Uplights and spotlights are the most common fixtures for façade lighting as they spread and light output effectively light vertical spaces evenly. Too often we see dark patches in lighting design, but not with our designs!

The uplights were installed along the front of the home to show off the front of the home, but it also indirectly highlights the shrubbery with a technique we call shadowing. Installing lights behind a structure or detail creates a shadow from behind accentuating the color and texture.

Steps and stairs are always addressed in our outdoor lighting designs to increase the safety and security of a space. With the addition of architectural lighting, just a few step lights were needed to properly illuminate the steps and decrease the likelihood of anyone tripping on them.

If you’re looking to add architectural and landscape lighting to your property, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985. We are happy to create the perfect design for you!