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Backyard Landscape Lighting in Richmond Beautifies Property

This warm weather has us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives dreaming of spring and summer. And now is the perfect time to plan and start outdoor projects so that you can enjoy them all season.

One of our goals at OLP is to allow our clients to spend extended time outdoors by providing light that stops people from going inside when the sun goes down. For many homeowners, they spend more time in their backyard than their front yard, enjoying their decks, patios, pools, and other outdoor living spaces. Nothing highlights your exterior spaces light backyard landscape lighting.

While many homes have back flood lights stuck on the outside of the house, it is often too bright, too dim or only illuminates a small area of the backyard. A professional outdoor lighting company can fix that by creating a custom design that washes all the most important aspects of your property in light. We aim to provide the perfect amount of light to highlight the property without overwhelming it.

Patio and pool lightingIn creating the perfect landscape lighting design, we first look at the areas of the property where the families spend the most time, be them decks, patios or other outdoor spaces. With a mixture of deck, path and spot lights, we are able to provide subtle lighting that keeps you outside longer.

Traveled pathways are also incredibly important to any landscape lighting in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas. It not only adds beauty, but more importantly, it increases the safety of a property by guiding friends and family throughout the space. Who chooses to go down a dark path when there is one that is perfectly lit? Whether they are paved or not, we look for ways to help people navigate a space with light.

Accentuating landscaping is what brings color and texture to a lighting design, but it also makes a space feel larger. Our trained designers look for the most interesting, trees, bushes and flowers to highlight, but also some landscaping on the edges of the property. By lighting trees at the edge of the space, it invites the eye out and makes the space feel more spacious in the dark.

Now is the perfect time to have your landscape lighting in Richmond designed and installed. Please call us at 804.874.9985 so we can help you!