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Deck and Patio Lights for the Spring and Summer

Richmond is expecting a lot of snow this weekend resulting in a lot of families having to stay in their homes due to dangerous driving conditions. While the snow can be fun to play in for a little bit of time, it has us daydreaming about warmer weather. If you’re like us, you may already be planning updates to your outdoor living spaces.

Do you know the key to getting more use out of your outdoor living spaces? We do! It’s deck and patio lights.

Deck and patio lights allow homeowners to stay outside longer into the night because there is no reason to be forced inside on beautiful nights.

When it comes to creating the perfect lighting design for your backyard, there are certain areas we suggest paying attention to, but the fixtures themselves are versatile.

Path lightsIf you’ve read our blog, you know that we are firm believers in the power of the path light and it’s because they can be used in so many different ways. They increase the safety of your property and can properly light different areas, but they can also be a focal point. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer hand-crafted lighting luminaires that are made to add style to your backyard.

Seen here, our outdoor luminaires include cut copper to create beautiful designs on the fixture itself and the surrounding ground. There are many different designs and we can even create custom pieces.

Whether you light the classic or modern fixtures, it’s important that your “deck and patio lights”

  • Illuminate your outdoor living spaces,
  • Light traveled pathways, steps and stairs,
  • Accentuate special features like water features and statues,
  • And enhance the space in its entirety.

As you plan for your times outdoors, speak to a professional outdoor lighting company to design the perfect system for your property. Our trained OLP designers take in all aspects of your property to create a system that keeps you outside and looks great.

Please contact us at 804.874.9985 to discuss your backyard lighting.