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Path Lights: Keeping You Safe this Winter

Happy 2016 everyone! We hope that everyone had a great holiday season and was able to enjoy time with friends and family. Now that the New Year has passed, we are settling back into the swing of things, mainly work. Because it’s January, many full-time workers are going to and from work in the darkness and cold: the perfect scenario for unnecessary injury.

Black ice is a serious concern in the winter months, even in Richmond. Dew, rain and other moisture settle on the surface and freeze in cold temperatures. It isn’t easily seen, it can very slippery. I know I’ve slipped on ice before, how about you?

Path lightingIf you want to minimize the risk of slipping this winter, illuminating your traveled pathways is a great way to do it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, one of our most commonly used fixtures is the path light which is perfect for this application.

All year round path lights guide homeowners, friends, and family through a property by lighting the way that they should go be it paved or not. During winter, however, it adds a little more safety to walkways and pathways. No, they will not melt ice (you can go to your local hardware store to find something that will), but they do illuminate the ice. When coming home, the light will reflect off of wet or frozen surfaces, letting you know to be careful.

Not all path lights are created equal however. High-quality, low voltage lighting will ensure that not only your outdoor spaces look great, but also that they will last for years.

Light output is a good guide to quality. For most pathways, only a few path lights should be needed. If you have to put a path light every few steps, your property will begin to look like an airport runway, taking away from the beauty of it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we adjust the height and beam spread to maximize its effectiveness and minimize the number of lights. Great outdoor lighting design is about the effect, not the fixtures.

Additionally, light bulbs and fixtures should last a long time. While bulbs will need to be replaced periodically, fixtures should last for years! Our warranty backs our copper and brass fixtures for a lifetime!

Please let us know if you have any questions!