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Architectural Lighting in Richmond and Midlothian

Most homeowners take great pride in their homes and properties, that’s why we are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are happy to provide beautifully designed and installed architectural lighting in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area.
Outdoor lighting
The goal of architectural lighting is in the name: to accentuate the style, lines and details of a property’s exterior for enhanced curb appeal. As each home is different, each lighting system should be too. Here are some of the details we look at while we create the perfect system for you:

The Architectural Lines. From straight modern to colonial and everything in between, the lines of a home create a frame that we work within. As we wash a façade in light, we try to minimize any dark areas on the surface. When lighting isn’t done well, you may notice peaks that aren’t illuminated to the very top or a second floor that is in complete darkness making a property look cut off or stunted. OLP makes a conscience effort to wash the entire surface in warm light.
Outdoor architectural lighting
Standout Features. Some homes have standout features like arched entryways, unique windows, porte cocheres, or columns. These are the features that make a home pop and should be seen and appreciated both day and night. We pay particular attention to those features and are sure to illuminate them perfectly.

Color and Texture. From classic brick and intricate stonework to colored siding, the Richmond area has homes with all types of colors and textures. Those features play a part in shaping the personality of the property and should be considered while creating an architectural lighting system.

If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal with lighting, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985. Our designers will work with you to create a system that fits your needs, tastes and budget. We use only the highest quality LED outdoor and landscape lighting and are available for all your service and maintenance needs.

We look forward to working with you.