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Backyard Garden Lights for Summer Nights Outside

The kids are out of school and the season of outdoor barbecues has officially started. There is nothing like enjoying nice nights outside well past when the sun goes down. If you’re looking to spend extended time outdoors, but don’t want to risk any accident due to darkness, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond can help. We design traditional and unique backyard lighting systems that increase the safety and security of your decks, porches, patios and other outdoor living spaces.

Pool and deck lightingOne of the trends that we’ve seen over the last few years is people enhancing their backyards with stunning outdoor living rooms outside. Take this free-standing patio for example. It houses a full outdoor kitchen with room for seating for outdoor dining. It’s gorgeous. Backyard lighting makes it even nicer since it can be used at all hours of the day. If you have outdoor structures like this, simple lighting additions will make a big impact. In this installation, downward deck lights were placed on the ledges of the counter to illuminate the beautiful stonework of the structure.

Not only does it accentuate the details, but lighting also increases the safety of outdoor living spaces, but it increases the safety. The risk of someone walking into a sharp corner or tripping over steps decreases when the it’s all illuminated.

Patio and landscape lightingIf traditional outdoor and landscape lighting isn’t your style, there are endless unique and contemporary backyard lighting designs. While strings lights and outdoor lighting chandeliers are just two of the techniques growing in popularity, that’s not where the options end! The owners of this patio wanted something different and we made it happen. The space already had two sails hanging over the space. We placed LED rope lighting around the perimeter of the sale to highlight the feature and provide illumination below.

In addition to the rope lighting, lighting was placed in the drain that runs down the center of the space. The grate of the drain is uniquely designed and by placing lighting beneath it, it becomes a focal point at night and leads the eye to ivy-covered wall with water features at the end of the space.

If you’re looking to enhancing your backyard with lights, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.