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Deck and Patio Lights in Richmond Extend Your Time Outdoors

Summer is here in Richmond. The grass is green and the rainy weather seems to be nearly over (fingers crossed). On nice nights, it’s no surprise that homeowners, friends and family would like to spend time outdoors. As the outdoor lighting experts, we at OLP encourage homeowners to consider adding deck and patio lights to their backyards for increased safety and security.

Have you ever been in your yard with friends just to realize that the sun has gone down and you can no longer see the space or where you are stepping clearly? The chances of tripping or falling could increase at those times. Our goal is to help people spend more time outdoors safely by designing and installing custom backyard light designs. When it comes to deck and patio lights, there are endless options…

Patio lighting
The most commonly used technique while illuminating outdoor living spaces is the traditional deck light. These small, downward facing lights are installed on deck posts or along retaining walls to spread light on the horizontal surfaces of the property. Their half-covered designs provide enough light for people to see the space clearly, but doesn’t blind any of the people using the space.

Path lights are also used often in the backyard. For spaces that are low to the ground or on pathways leading to and from the space, path lights are perfect. Their large beam spread will light spaces effectively with just a few fixtures depending on the size of the space. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses high-quality copper and brass path lights that will last for years!
Patio lighting
Growing in popularity with respect to deck and patio lights are specialty lights that come in a variety of designs and finishes. Specialty lights are unique ways to not only add illumination to an outdoor living space but also ambiance. Imagine having an outdoor dining space with a beautiful chandelier over it, or beautiful string lights hanging over a deck and patio. The possibilities are endless! Our goal is to choose lights that not only look great but work effectively.

Please call us at 804-874-9985 to discuss your backyard lighting options.