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Architectural Lighting Continues to Illuminate Richmond’s Homerama

As discussed in last week’s blog, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the great pleasure of illuminating this year’s Homerama event. The event allows the public to tour custom built homes that are professionally decorated. If you are looking for a new home or updating the one that you have, Homerama is a great source of inspiration. The event takes place June 4-19th and continues to shape up in advance of the opening.

As the homes and landscape are receiving their final touches, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been spending significant time at the properties designing and installing custom outdoor lighting systems to accentuate all their best details. Today we’d like to share a few more properties you can enjoy in just a few weeks!

Architectural lightingThis first property is finished in beautiful stonework that add texture to the look. It has a large double door entry and two hardscaped columns on the sides of the driveway. As soon as we saw the home, we knew the stone needed to be highlighted with a warm wash of light. It instantly increases the curb appeal of the property at night.

The stone columns around the driveway are beautiful features, but needed to be properly illuminated to make sure they are easily seen by passersby and drivers! The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team installed small spotlights on the front side of the column to illuminate the features, but also to make sure that drivers leaving the property aren’t blinded by light causing a safety concern.

Architectural lightingOur second outdoor lighting example is a stunning two story home with beautiful finishing details. Like the first home, it does incorporate some stonework, but also has columns and pergola-like finishes over the door and porch areas. We needed to create façade lighting that brought all of those details out with light! Up lights with wide beam spreads were place in front of the columns that highlighted the column, but also the façade in general. We specifically love the unique but subtle shadows it creates through the porch roof details.

We’re so thrilled to be involved in this annual event that brings people from all over Virginia to Richmond. Mark your calendars for June 4-19th!