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Designing Landscape Lighting for Richmond Homerama 2016

Each year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond looks for ways to get involved in our local community. In addition to participating in 2015’s Massey Street of Hope, we are thrilled to be involved in Richmond’s Homearama event for the third year in a row.

Outdoor architectural lighting
Each year, the Home Building of Association of Richmond hosts Homerama in a newer neighborhood allowing visitors to see and walk through custom-designed and staged homes. This year, Homerama will take place in Midlothian’s Hallsey neighborhood and will take place between June 4th – 19th.

Homerama is a fun event that brings in tens of thousands of visitors each year. During the day, it’s a bustling street with food trucks, bounce houses and live music, but at night it quietly has faded into the night in the past. Until Outdoor Lighting Perspectives got involved. By adding custom-designed outdoor and landscape lighting, the street can be appreciated at night and makes the homes more desirable to potential buyers.

Outdoor architectural lighting
Just last week, we lit our first property for this year’s event. This property was built by a local builder and incorporates beautiful features including a stone façade, metal porch roof and wrap-around porch. Our job was to accentuate all of the details and now everything can be appreciated day and night!

With the porch, we installed up lights at the base of each column highlighting each one adding visual height to the project. Over the porch, we wanted to make sure people could see the metal roof as well as the second floor windows. If this area had been ignored, the home would have look stumped and cut short. Two spot lights were installed along the gutter line to wash the space in light.

Additional architectural lighting in the form of wash lighting was incorporated to highlight the stonework and blue siding.

You’ll notice that the small trees in the front of the yard are illuminated as well. These trees line the entire Homerama street. OLP has installed tree lighting to each one to add uniformity to the street.

If you’re in the Richmond market, please mark your calendars for this year’s Homerama, June 4-19th!