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Architectural Lighting Accentuates Details

Our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is lucky to work with many fellow local business owners in the area. Over the years we’ve collaborated with all types of local companies, including home builders. With the metro-Richmond area continuously growing, local builders are creating absolutely stunning homes. We’re thrilled to accentuate their gorgeous designs and details with custom architectural outdoor lighting.

Recently we had the opportunity to illuminate three very different, but all very beautiful, homes in Midlothian.

Well lit front of home

This blue home stands out during the day with its crisp white trim and stacked stone finishes, but unfortunately, it was lost at night before our team of designers visited. While all architectural lighting aims to wash the surface in light, it’s not as easy as it looks because you don’t want to leave any areas in the dark or draw too much attention to the fixtures themselves. With this house, we wanted to draw the eye to some of its unique features like the curved trim and inviting front porch. Small spotlights were installed in areas unseen that ensure nothing fades into the darkness again.

Well lit front of home

Brick is a Richmond area staple and with not only its durability, but it’s varying colors and textures, we love it. When designing an LED lighting system for this home, we wanted to ensure that the brick could really be appreciate as it isn’t a flat brick red that you see on many properties. The color variances and texture give the home character. Additionally, this home has a lot of height. Height can be an issue if an outdoor lighting company isn’t using high-quality fixtures because you’ll notice a clear difference between the light towards the ground and the highest point. In this case, our designers made sure that the light was even throughout.

Well lit front and side of home

Last, but certainly not least, this property has some knockout features, especially the stonework and columns. The façade has stones of different shapes and sizes bringing a unique finish to the home. We wanted to illuminate that throughout, including installing small spotlights above the porch to light the second story. For the columns, up lights were installed at the base of each one so none of them were left in the dark and to keep uniformity throughout.

If you want to enhance your property with custom lighting, please contact us at 804.874.9985.