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Hospitality Lighting to Warm Up your Property

When it comes to travel planning, a lot of time can be spent finding the right hotel for any trip. Families want to stay in a place that’s comfortable, warm and inviting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works with hotels, restaurants and other hospitality properties to make them a little more welcoming with light.

Hotel lightingWhether it’s a patio, dining space, or another outdoor common area, light can make a big impact on the space as a whole. OLP uses the same outdoor lighting design techniques to create lightscapes that are not only effective but beautiful. Here are just a few examples of hospitality lighting systems we’ve designed and installed.

This outdoor patio has some unique features that make the property special. Over the space, large boat sails hang to provide shade and visual interest. At the very end of the space sits a wall of ivy with a water feature; it’s stunning. Our designers wanted to highlight these unique features. LED rope lighting border the sails and in the drain to bring visual interest to the space, while spotlights wash the water feature in perfect light. Now guests can enjoy the space day and night and appreciate the space the hotel created.

Hospitality lightingThis hotel has a large amount of outdoor space! From exterior hallways to pathways, this property needed lighting for safety and security but didn’t want to use harsh lighting that come commercial applications create. Our traditional path, deck and step lighting were first tackled to provide sure footing throughout the property. After that, our designers were able to define the areas that needed a bit more illumination. Gathering spaces were illuminated with a mixture of path and string lighting to create the perfect ambiance for this specific hotel. Just like residential properties, no hotel is exactly the same and its lighting system shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter approach.

Hotel lightingLastly, I love this historic restaurant with outdoor dining space. The building and dining area needed light to create the warm and inviting ambiance the owners were looking for. Architectural lighting accentuates the beauty of the home while path and spotlights allow diners to see what they’re eating!

When it comes to hospitality lighting, it can be just as beautiful as any residential property, but just as effective. If you’re looking for lighting your commercial property, please contact us at 804.874.9985.