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Landscape and Festive Outdoor Lighting – the Perfect Match

We love the holidays in Richmond. Homes are decorated for the season, inviting friends and family to celebrate the end of another year. From classic white lights to the outrageous displays on the tacky light tour, the Richmond area has it all. And, as the outdoor lighting experts, we can’t help but bask in all of the lights. Naturally, we have our favorites and over time, we’ve nailed down the perfect match – professional outdoor lighting and temporary festive lights.
Pathway lighting
Luminaries are a popular outdoor holiday lighting application. They are simple yet stunning. Often used to line walkways and guide people around the traveled spaces, homeowners love them because it isn’t a complicated installation. While pretty alone, when paired with additional lights, they are even more striking. Here you can see Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ tree lights combined with luminaries. The tree lights are permanent fixtures in the neighborhood while the luminaries are just there for the season. Together, they make this neighborhood even more welcoming to visitors.

Outdoor holiday lightingThe combination of architectural and Christmas lighting is just as beautiful. This property is illuminated with custom designed and installed façade lighting throughout the entire year. OLP designed the system to accentuate the standout details like the classic stone and growing ivy. During the holidays, however, the homeowners adds classic white Christmas lights to the roofline and shrubbery. By combining the façade and festive, the home shines brightly, but also evenly. Without the façade lighting, the home could be dark with just a few lines of light in the season.

Outdoor holiday lightingC9 roofline lights are also a common Christmas decoration. Companies and homeowners painstakingly climb ladders to install lights along the architectural lines of a home like you see here. While beautiful and festive, it’s the path lights that guide visitors to the home and the subtle façade lighting make the entire home pop, with our without the C9 bulbs.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is your local resource for all things outdoor lighting. We pride ourselves on our custom design approach to lighting, making the perfect system for YOUR property.