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Adding Lights and Getting Ready for the Holidays

Halloween has past and the time has changed. Night is creeping in earlier and stores are putting up their holiday displays. Are you ready for the influx of friends and family this season? As you think about making your Richmond area home more inviting for the holidays, consider how outdoor and landscape lighting can help.

Outdoor lighting can help you achieve many different goals, but there are a few this time of year that take precedence: increased safety, creating a welcoming feeling, and adding some festive flair. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the expert in tackling each of these goals successfully.

Increased Safety

While the holiday season is full of joy and cheer, it’s also dark. There is no way around it, wintertime is dark. And, with the temperature dropping and ice sometimes building, it can be slippery. It’s important that you and your guests can clearly see where they are stepping. OLP suggests illuminating walkways and other traveling paths as well as steps and stairs. Light guides people safely from the street or driveway to the home, and in most case, just a few LED landscape lighting fixtures are needed.
Entry lighting
Creating a Welcoming Feeling

When hosting friends and family, it’s not uncommon for people to clean and decorate the inside of their home, but the outside can make just as large of an impact. The key to making your home more inviting? The entrance. Illuminating around your front door makes it pop as if to say: “come on in.” Whether you have columns, trees bordering your door, or nothing special, strategic façade, landscape, and column lighting fixtures will make a world of difference. And, since the fixtures will be permanent, your house will look great all year round!

Adding Festive Flair
Landscape lighting
Richmond is known for its lights during the holidays. Whether you light every part of your property or have a simple lit garland, outdoor Christmas lights add cheer to your property. At OLP, we offer our starry lights fixture that saves homeowners hours of hanging string lights in trees. Just a small fixture will shoot hundreds of light lasers on a tree or building, mimicking the look of string lights.

If you’re interested in adding lighting to your home this season, call us! We’re happy to help. (804) 874-9985.