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Preparing for Daylight Savings

It happens every year, yet, it surprises us each and every year. Yes, we are just a few weeks away from Daylight Savings. On November 5th, the clocks turn back and suddenly we’re coming home in the dark. But you don’t have to go home to a dark house. Instead, go home to a beautiful, and safe, home illuminated by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve been designing and installing landscape and architectural lighting in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area for years. We pride ourselves on creating custom systems that increase both the curb appeal and the safety of our clients’ properties.
Outdoor lighting
From historic and classic brick homes to new construction craftsman, there are endless types of architecture in the Richmond area, all with their own lines and standout features. As trained outdoor lighting designers, it’s our job to increase curb appeal by accentuating the structure. It’s important to us to illuminate the entire façade. While some outdoor lighting companies may just stick some up lights at the base of the home, it takes much more than that to create a stunning design. Up lights are a good start, but spot lights and down lights are often used to ensure there are no dark spots.

When the architectural lighting is done correctly, the result is both elegant and welcoming.

In addition to curb appeal, professional lighting, when done correctly, can make your property safer, which is an added bonus at daylight savings time. When it comes to adding safety, it’s important to light key areas and structures on the property: mainly steps and traveled pathways.
Step lighting
It seems pretty simple, lighting steps makes the space safer, yet we see dark steps on too many properties. Just a fixture or two can provide enough light to ensure you and your visitors can see the steps and decrease the chance of slipping. Step lights can be installed in the stair itself, or they can be illuminated from the side using deck lights (if there are railings) or path lights.
Path lighting
Travelled pathways, be them paved walkways or just a part of the yard that you walk every day from your car to the door, it’s important to light them to make sure you can see if anything is in your way, or to guide guests when they visit. Path lights or down lights are just two lighting techniques that could be considered.

If you’re thinking about lighting and coming home to a bright property this winter, please contact us at 804.874.9985.