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Festive Lights for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are always looking for way to enhance and add charm to properties, residential and commercial alike. While we have been designing and installing custom architectural and landscape lighting for over 30 years, festive lighting is a newer service that is garnering a lot of attention.

Landscape lightsWith numerous design options, festive lights can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. Three of our favorite design types are orbs, LED laser lights and string/bistro lights.

These illuminated orbs instantly increase the charm on any property. Here you see them installed in a large tree, but light globes can be used in many ways, like lining a walkway, floating in water features or simply sitting on a table. Available in many sizes, orbs are primarily for aesthetics as their light spread doesn’t go very far. We love these fixtures for event spaces and chic outdoor living spaces, but suggest they be paired with classic outdoor lights for safety and security.

Outdoor lightsCreated initially for outdoor holiday lights, LED laser lights bring a little flare to all spaces. A small, rechargeable fixture is placed at the base of a tree, fence or any other surface you want illuminated. When turned on, the fixture shoots hundreds of small LED laser lights out, making the surface shine with great light. Available in several different colors, the laser lights make for a fun addition for nice nights outside in the spring and summer and then can be placed in the front yard for the holidays!

Outdoor string lightsOutdoor string lights are the most versatile festive light fixture. Growing in popularity, string lights can be hung over any space, wrapped around a railing, hung in a tree and more. Here you see a beautiful commercial application. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives hung these bistro lights over a hotel patio increasing its ambiance. Unlike the laser lights and lighting orbs, string lights can also provide enough illumination in some areas where other fixtures aren’t needed. These aren’t the same as the string lights you may use around the holidays. These commercial-grade lights are made for long-term outdoor use.

If you’re looking to enhance a space with festive lighting, call us at 804.874.9985 to discuss your options.