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Making Your Home Shine with Light

If you watch any home improvement channel, you know the importance of curb appeal. In every flip or renovation, they discuss what they can do to improve the look of the property, be it landscaping, new color, or painting the front door. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives share the belief in curb appeal. A cared for and beautiful home makes it more welcoming and inviting to guests, not to mention giving homeowners a sense of pride in their property.

Architectural lighting improves the curb appeal of the property by accentuating all its standout features. When it comes to creating a design, an even “glow” is the goal. Dark spots are not only distracting but take away from the curb appeal when we want to enhance it!

Outdoor lighting
Take this home as an example: before OLP visited the property, they had an outdoor lighting system from another company. When glancing at it, your eye goes to the areas of the home that are illuminated, the front porch, the top of the garage, etc. You barely notice the peaks of the second story. The light is completely uneven and it’s a shame; the house is beautiful. Unfortunately, at his point, the beauty could only be appreciated at night.

Outdoor lighting
And here is the same home with a better architectural lighting design by OLP. The difference is remarkable. By adding a few strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures and adjusting those that were already there, the property shines. Now, passersby can see the details of the home. The peaks, the blue grey color, and wood and stone finishes are all now all properly illuminated.

Now you may be asking why there is such a big difference. We see this frequently when homeowners don’t hire professional outdoor lighting companies. Many other home professionals add lighting to their services, but they don’t specialize in it whereas lighting is all that we do at OLP.