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Unique Lighting Installations Enhance Properties

As the experts in exterior lighting solutions, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are often asked to design lightscapes for unique features on a property. Whether it’s a standout feature like a water fountain or statue or special needs like tall trees or entries without easy access to power, we will do our best to install an effective and stunning lighting solution.

Many Richmonders take great pride in their homes and yards, often enhancing it with all types of ways. Why go through the process of designing and installing something special if you can’t appreciate it both day and night? That’s where we come in. Here’s what we mean:

Entryways to properties can be welcoming features, but sometimes they don’t have easy access to power because they are farther from a home. While we don’t use solar fixtures often due to their quality, we have installed solar power sources in unique circumstances. Solar power boxes can be placed near all types of features for easy access to wires and features. It’s important that the quality of the solar panels is high enough to attract and hold enough power to illuminate an entry column or other feature all night long.

Statue lightingSome homes that we visit have intricate and detailed elements, like this arbor and planter. The iron of the arbor is elaborate with stunning lines and curves. The planter stands in the middle and houses flowing flowers for a beautiful focal point for the yard. Our lighting designer needed to design a system that illuminated the details without overwhelming it. Up lights were placed in the base of each of the columns to accentuate the iron, while a spot light highlights the flowering urn. Like all of our designs, the eye doesn’t go straight to the fixtures, but instead goes to the beauty of the space.

Lighting can be used in endless ways and we’re always looking for new and creative ways to add to an exterior space.