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Outdoor Lighting Systems with Uncompromised Quality

For over 25 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been providing clients with the best custom outdoor and landscape lighting systems. Our goal is to provide uncompromised client service to each and every interaction. So what are the qualities that we judge ourselves on?

Personal Service

We want our clients to feel comfortable with our lighting designers, installers and everyone they work with at OLP. With every communication, we listen to our clients to get a clear idea of their needs whether it’s in the original design phase or a service call years after installation.

Meticulous Installation

Have you ever worked with a home services company to find your home looking worse than when they first visited the property? That’s unacceptable in our opinion. Our installers are trained to treat your property as if it’s our own and leave it neat and tidy. In some cases, it looks better once we leave!

Nighttime adjustment

Our outdoor lighting installations are completed during the day. We leave the property with a good idea of how the system will look based on our design and how the installation goes, but it’s hard to judge a lighting system during the day. To ensure everything is up to our (and your) standards, we’ll drive by your home at night. If there is anything that needs to be adjusted, we’ll do it on site or make a note to come back during the day to make sure everything is perfect.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives stays on top of the best technology in the lighting industry. When you work with us, you know that you are getting the highest quality fixtures on the market that will last for years. Our LED fixtures are corrosion-resistant making them last.

Proactive Maintenance

Like every home system, your lighting system needs to be serviced proactively. We offer maintenance plans to our clients that keep your lights looking perfect without you having to call us. Or, we’re here for any service needs from a light that’s out to a fixture that was bumped by the lawn mower.