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Dock Lighting Midlothian

With a February like the one we’ve been having this year, it’s not surprising that homeowners are thinking and planning for spring. How could you not with a 80 degree day in mid-February? The Richmond and Midlothian area is full of areas to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes pride is helping property owners extend the time they can spend outside.

Dock lightsJust recently, our design and install team finished this job in Midlothian that took our breath away. This dock on a lake is a great place to sit back and relax, but it was also dangerous at night. The edge of the space couldn’t be seen easily and there is a steep drop into the lake beyond it. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives visited the property to add a few dock lights to increase the safety of the space at night.

Dock lighting can be handled in a number of different ways. At OLP, we balance between effectiveness and beauty while deciding which fixtures and how many we need on a certain job. It’s important to us that the light properly illuminates the project without overwhelming it with light. With a view like this property, we don’t want the light to the be star. For this project, we installed just a few down deck lights on the dock railing.

Dock lightsOn some dock lighting projects, we see that not only is the light important to those on land, but also to those out on the water. It has to guide boaters back into the property. This job does just that. For those on the land going out to water, dock lights were added to the railings to guide people down the dock safely. But there are also lights out on the docking area, underneath the dock, illuminating the edge of the space and water below it. Boaters won’t have any issue finding this property from the lake!

If you’re looking to enhance you’re outdoor living space for spring and summer, please contact us at 804.875.9985.