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Make Your Commercial Property a Little More Welcoming

As many of our clients know, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives prides itself on accentuating the beauty of residential properties, but did you know that we work on commercial properties, too?

Outdoor lighting for commercial and hospitality properties is quite honestly more important than residential properties. Why? Because it can impact the bottom line. Without lighting a building, be it a restaurant, hotel, or other business, cannot be seen at night which happens early half the year. A wonderfully designed architectural and landscape lighting system, however, not only will get your property noticed, but make it more welcoming to patrons.

Store lightingThis coffee shop lives within in an architecturally interesting building. Not only does it have fluctuating heights, but unique signage on the side of the building. Unfortunately, it was totally lost at night before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. OLP designers visited the property and came up with a design that highlights the signage and the unique style of the building. Up lighting was installed at the base of the two lighter portions of the building, washing the façade in a warm glow of illumination. The dark letters and logo now pop off the side of the building. The middle portion of the coffee shop wasn’t lit because the façade itself is dark and with large windows that bring out a lot of light, it wasn’t necessary.

Commercial lightingOur team is comfortable with both large and small commercial properties. This large property was also lit by the OLP team. Architectural lighting illuminates the entire façade and watch tower, making the building more welcoming to patrons and employees coming and going after dark.

One question we hear from property owners is the cost of installing commercial outdoor lighting. Does it make the energy bill skyrocket? The answer is no. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives utilizes the same low voltage and LED lighting fixtures and technology that we use on residential properties. Their energy-efficiency provides gorgeous light without adding too much to your energy bill.

If you are interested in enhancing your property with light, please contact us at 804.874.9985.