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What Makes a Good Outdoor Lighting Fixture?

Having been in the exterior lighting industry for over twenty years, we know good lighting. We take great pride in creating stunning lightscapes for our clients that accentuate all the best characteristics of their property. While talking about outdoor lighting design, we say that a great design is about the effect, not the fixture, but it starts at the fixture. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we use only the highest-quality fixtures to keep our clients’ landscape and architectural lighting performing and looking its best.
Path lighting
So, what goes into making a fixture high quality? It starts with its performance. A good fixture is reliable and will continue to work at peak performance for years. That’s one reason that we don’t use solar lighting yet. Yes, solar lighting is the most energy-efficient light on the market. It isn’t, however, reliable. Its performance relies on its ability to take in the sun’s rays during the day and don’t seem to last for a long time. Because of its undependable performance, too many fixtures are typically used and still don’t provide enough illumination.

Instead of using solar lighting, OLP uses LED landscape lighting. LED is energy-efficient and reliable, performing like the day it was installed for years.
Rock wall lighting
The material and construction of the fixtures are important with respect to its quality. Yes, big box stores and hardware stores do sell lighting options for the do-it-yourselfer, but are they going to last? Not always. OLP installed corrosion-proof outdoor lighting fixtures in solid copper and brass that are made to withstand harsh outdoor elements like heat, ice, torrential rain, and more.

High-quality fixtures will also have consistent light output and a long-life expectancy. When considering any outdoor lighting company, ask them about the warranties they offer on their fixtures, transformer, wire and any other components to the system. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer strong warranties to ensure your lighting investment holds for years.

Even with the highest-quality fixtures, service and maintenance is important to the performance of any outdoor and landscape lighting system.