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Stunning Outdoor Lighting Enhances Hospitality Properties

With amazing history and historical properties, the Greater Richmond area has some of the most charming properties. Whether it’s a new boutique hotel, restaurant or speakeasy, Richmond always has a new space for people to enjoy and explore. With such appeal, typical commercial-grade lighting won’t do these hospitality properties justice.

Normal commercial-grade lighting consists of line-voltage fixtures that blast light on the respective surfaces. While providing sufficient illumination, there are better options for the unique properties that are all over the Metro Richmond area.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs custom lighting solutions for all types of properties, both residential and commercial. In the vast majority of installations, we utilize low-voltage LED landscape lighting to light commercial and hospitality properties alike to enhance the charm of the space and cutting the cost of running lights.

Path lightsWhen it comes to illuminating commercial buildings, there are certain areas that have to be lit to increase the safety of the property and make it more welcoming to potential patrons. It starts with the signage of the property. If guests can’t see the property, how are they supposed to enjoy the space? Depending on the type of sign, lighting can be done in several different ways, including up-lighting, spotlighting, or backlighting. Backlighting is just what it sounds like where the light is placed behind the sign for an alluring finish.

Traveling pathways are incredibly important to light on any commercial or hospitality property. Property owners do have some liability when spaces aren’t considered safe for guests and that starts with make sure that they are properly lit. Light guides guests and increases their safety as they are less likely to take a wrong step or trip over anything. Just a few high-quality path lights are typically enough to illuminate walkways.

LED rope lightsCommon areas are big draws for hotels and restaurants, and in a town like Richmond, many of those common areas are outside. We’ve illuminated these spaces in endless ways, but LED rope lighting and bistro string lights are two uncommon fixture installations that increase the charm and ambiance as well as light a space.

If you have any questions about lighting your commercial property, please contact us at 804-874-9985.