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Hardscapes? Water Features? Illuminate them.

Since joining the outdoor living industry over 20 years ago, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives have seen how the term “outdoor living” has changed. What was once a few folding chairs on a concrete slab in the backyard has grown to true rooms outside. With custom living and dining rooms, not to mention kitchens, homeowners are taking pride in their backyard spaces.

As homeowners enhance their properties with custom structures, we encourage them to illuminate the standout features so they can be used and appreciated both day and night.

Whether they take the form of retaining walls or fire features, the variety in hardscape choices have increased ten-fold in the last 5 years or so. They become a standout feature in the outdoor living space, adding color, textures and definition to spaces. When the sun goes down, however, that charm disappears and the hard surfaces can actually become a safety hazard. We don’t want anyone to trip over a hard retaining wall, do we?

See how we address hardscape lighting in this quick video.

Beyond hardscapes, another feature we are noticing more and more of is water features. Some backyards include a large, custom water feature that complement the overall design of the space perfectly, while others include smaller, yet beautiful water features that can be plugged in and ready to go in minutes. In both cases, subtle lighting in the form of spot or uplighting will bring life and ambiance to space.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives treats each and every backyard lighting project as a new and custom design. What works well for one space, may not work for the next. When our designers visit your property, we’ll walk the space while discussing your needs and hopes for the space while taking in all the special features and considering how the space is used. From there, we’ll create a design with everything in mind.