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Proper Outdoor Lighting Design? How Can You Tell?

We admit it, we’re lighting snobs. It comes with the territory of being the experts in outdoor and landscape lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful lighting systems that highlight and accentuate our clients’ homes and landscapes. We’ve noticed that not all providers take the same pride in the design as we do, but how can you tell if your exterior lighting is up to snuff? Here are some things to look for.
Outdoor lighting
Dark Spots. When creating a system, our trained lighting designers wash the façade and landscape in warm light, illuminating all aspects of the property. As we step back and look at the design, we keep an eye out for dark spots that need to be addressed. Dark spots make the design look cut off or odd. Take this home for example, nearly the entire second story of the home is in the dark. We were hired to re-do the design and accentuate the entire property, enhancing the curb appeal and safety of the property as a whole.

Too many fixtures. We’ve all seen it, walkways or pathways that resemble airport runways with the amount of lights bordering each. This is oftentimes a result of low-quality lighting fixtures being used in the system. When a light doesn’t provide enough output, more fixtures are needed to properly light the surface or space. But, when high-quality fixtures are used, like they are with all Outdoor Lighting Perspectives systems, only a few lights will be used. It’s about the effect, not the fixtures. If your eyes are going straight to the fixtures, the design is off.

Hot spots. It’s normal for the amount of illumination to fade a little bit from the base of the light to the top, but not much. Hot spots occur when you notice spots of bright (or hot) light. They take away that even look of illumination.

If you’re noticing any of these on your property, or, you want a system that looks beautiful from the outset, please contact us at 804-874-9985.