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Highlighting Your Hardscapes

The outdoor living industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. No longer is the backyard a place just for the dog and grill, it’s now a place to enjoy with friends and family. As a result, more homeowners are investing in enhancing their backyards with custom decks, porches and hardscapes.

As we meet with clients to illuminate their backyards, we’ve seen how the hardscape category is growing in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area. If you have patios, walkways, steps, and/or retaining walls on your property, we encourage you to consider adding outdoor lighting. Not only will light increase the safety of the space, but also highlight its unique textures, colors, and general beauty.

Patio seating area lighting As a low-to-grade outdoor living space option, patios are versatile and can be designed and built to complement existing homes and outdoor living structures. With endless choices when it comes to colors, materials, and finishes, they become an additional room to use when the weather is nice. Professional patio lighting extends the amount of time that you can spend outside in those spaces safely. A strong design, like the one seen here, will bring out the details of the space, but won’t overwhelm it with light. It’s a warm glow that enhances the space.

Path lightingBrick and stone are common options when it comes to walkways throughout residential and commercial properties. It’s not uncommon, however, for them to become obstructed from time to time. Whether it’s a child’s toy or yard debris, these obstructions can cause safety concerns. Just a few path lights along a walkway provides the necessary illumination for sure-footing. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses the highest quality LED path lights on all traveling walkways.

Step lightingWhether they are leading down a deck, patio or front stoop, steps and stairs are necessary on many properties, but too often they can cause a safety concern. When they aren’t lit properly, the elevation changes can’t be seen properly and the chances of a misstep can increase. Steps are one of the first features our trained designers look for while walking a property because it’s so important with respect to increasing the safety of a property. Stair lighting can take many forms including path lights, downlights, or spotlighting, all of which provide a beautiful finish.

Lastly, one of the elements that we are seeing more of are retaining walls or other hardscape focal feature in a backyard. Some of these elements can be elaborate and stunning, others are simply chic, but all of them should be accentuated with light. See the difference here:

If you’re looking to enhance your hardscapes and backyards, please contact us at 804-874-9985.