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Why You Should Trust the Outdoor Lighting Experts

As the leaders in outdoor lighting in Midlothian and the Greater Richmond area, it’s important to us to stay on top of the latest technologies in the industry and provide the best lighting design, fixtures, installation, and maintenance. Unfortunately, we come across many lighting systems that just aren’t treated with the same respect.

Outdoor lightingThis home is an example of poor design and installation. This home was built about two years ago and when the client wanted to add lighting to the building process, the home builder asked the landscape company they worked with to add it into the project. There were two major issues that we pointed out to the homeowner when they had us come visit the property after realizing it just wasn’t right: the design and the fixtures.

A good outdoor and landscape lighting system is about the result, leaving the property looking its best at night. This home is lovely during the day, with charm and unique details. But as you can see, much of it is lost at night. Only a small portion of the top floor is illuminated making the home look cut off and odd.

The other issue we found was the quality of the fixtures themselves. The homeowners paid a good amount of money for lights you can find at your local home improvement or irrigation supply stores. While those stores have some good options for the DIY approach, they aren’t always best if you’re looking for a system to last you for years.

After the homeowners noticed some of our work in his neighborhood, he reached out and had us visit the property to light it the right way. We’re happy to say that the new system makes the home look amazing and we’ll share updated pictures soon!

Outdoor lightingWhen considering adding lighting to your property, we encourage you to reach out to professional outdoor lighting companies, not service providers that add lighting as a side project. Typically the quality of the light and design aren’t up to speed and because they aren’t dedicated to the lighting business, they may not be the most responsive to your ongoing service and maintenance needs. This home’s lighting doesn’t look great because the system hadn’t been maintained properly.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond services all systems, even those that we didn’t install initially. In those cases, we’ll come to the property and evaluate the system that you have, including its fixtures and its design and make recommendations to you. In some cases, we can service and work with what is existing on the property, in other cases we may suggest new fixtures.

If you have questions, please contact us at 804.874.9985.