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Create a Beautiful, Relaxing Outdoor Retreat at Night with Designer Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

As your days are filled with the responsibilities that go along with life, the evening hours are when you take time for yourself. You love to recharge outdoors and have invested a lot in a beautiful property, but by the time you’re able to relax and unwind, the sun is often starting to dip below the horizon, and you’re unable to enjoy your surroundings in the dark.


With custom uplighting, you can spend every free moment outdoors in the sanctuary of your landscape. By strategically placing or mounting a light so that it shines upwards onto the vertical features of your property, the possibilities for gloriously illuminating your home and landscape at night are extensive.

Unwind & Recharge with Soft, Elegant Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Uplighting can transform the best features of your property into a gently illuminated outdoor retreat that brings you the peace and tranquility that you deserve at the end of the day. By accentuating the architecture of your home, walls, trees, columns, and unique features such as fountains, sculptures, and other vertical features, a subtle glow sets over your property as darkness falls, creating a splendid nighttime ambiance that helps you relax and take a deep breath.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville, our outdoor lighting experts customize uplighting to meet your specific goals. We believe outdoor lighting begins with you and work with you closely through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation. By customizing the range and brightness of light through each area of your landscape, we are able to achieve the effect you desire while reflecting your magnificent sense of style.

As a first step, we come out for a complimentary evening visit and walk with you through your property, temporarily illuminating the different features of your home and landscape along the way. This way, you can visualize exactly what uplighting and other outdoor lighting techniques can do for your property without making a commitment.


Imagine what a vision it would be to capture the beauty of your majestic trees and other magnificent elements in your landscape at night. Maybe you are listening to soothing music or just enjoying the sounds of your natural surroundings as you gaze out at the unique features of your property. Perhaps you are unwinding with friends and family on the deck while your children play among the gorgeous, illuminated trees. Whatever the case, your property at night is exquisite, and you couldn’t feel more at ease, refreshed, and ready for a new day.

If you’re interested in uplighting or outdoor lighting for your Richmond or Charlottesville property, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 804-874-9985 for a free demonstration and consultation. We look forward to helping you take back the night!