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Upscale Outdoor LED Lighting Offers the Perfect Nighttime Ambiance for Richmond & Charlottesville Properties

You’ve invested in a beautiful landscape complete with carefully-planned, elegant outdoor living spaces for everyone to enjoy, but, sadly, once the sun goes down, all those outdoor opportunities go to waste. The expansive deck and patio, the inviting fire pit, and the luxurious pool just don’t get the amount of use that you’d hoped for.

Outdoor LED lighting

You’ve put your heart and soul into creating these fantastic spaces with the intention of spending endless hours outside with your family and entertaining friends, but the reality is that as soon as nighttime falls, no one wants to hang out or bumble around in the dark. With all the time and expense that you’ve put in, wouldn’t it be wonderful to elegantly transform your landscape during the nighttime hours so that you can extend time outside with the people you care about?

Take Back the Night with Designer Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we design and install custom, upscale outdoor LED lighting that stands the test of time. Whether we’re customizing outdoor lights for your deck or patio, illuminating your sprawling gardens and pathways, or accentuating your magnificent trees, our experts will transform your property so that it’s both functional and elegant, creating the perfect ambiance for time spent outside at night.

Outdoor LED lighting

Because we believe that outdoor lighting begins with you, we want you to be an integral part of the process, from concept to design to installation. This way, we can achieve the specifics of your outdoor lighting wants and needs while reflecting your signature style. By consulting with you along the way and integrating varying lighting techniques that focus more on the lighting effect than the fixture, we are able to create exquisite aesthetic throughout your property, and the results are stunning.

To get started, we offer a complimentary consultation to gather information about your outdoor LED lighting goals. Next, we come out for a free evening lighting demonstration and temporarily illuminate the spaces and features you have in mind so that you can see what our outdoor lighting can do for you before making a commitment.

Outdoor LED lighting

During the demonstration, you’ll experience the soft glow over your property and see your gardens and trees come alive amongst the darkness. The patio, deck, and pool area will look splendid and inviting, and the gently lit pathways will make traveling through the property safe for everyone. Everyone will be able to see where they’re going, what they’re doing, and who they’re talking to – the perfect combination for extended time outdoors.

If you’d like to learn more about designer outdoor LED lighting in the Richmond or Charlottesville area, call our experts today at 804-874-9985 to complete our online form to schedule your free consultation and demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take back the night!