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Transform Your End-of-School Outdoor Celebrations Into the Nighttime Hours with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Have kids? Whether they’re nine or nineteen, kids get pretty excited when the end of the school year rolls around, and what’s a better way to celebrate than an outdoor celebration?

With everything you’ve invested into your landscape, including your winding pathways, fabulous pool, fire pit, and other unique outdoor spaces, your property is the perfect place to host a wonderful celebration for your kids and their friends. You can see it now: Kids bouncing on the trampoline, tossing horseshoes in the backyard, and hanging out poolside while you fire up the grill to prepare the summertime favorites.

Low voltage landscape lighting

But what happens once the daylight starts to go? You don’t want to cut the party short, but it’s not safe for all those kids to be moving around outside in the dark. After all, you don’t want any accidents to happen. While you always go the extra mile when entertaining, you also don’t relish the thought of 25 kids trampling through your house once the sun goes down.

With designer low voltage landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Richmond and Charlottesville, you can elegantly transform your property into the evening hours and keep the party going. The kids will be delighted that they share the extra hours together before many of them head their separate ways for summer adventures, and you can feel comfortable knowing your property is illuminated to prevent any trips, falls, or other mishaps.

Low voltage landscape lighting

Light Up Outdoor Celebrations at Night with Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs upscale, custom low voltage landscape lighting for properties in the Richmond and Charlottesville area. For more than 20 years, our outdoor lighting experts have been working with local homeowners to accentuate the beautiful features of their landscape while increasing the safety and security around their homes, and we can do the same for your property.

Since every homeowner is unique, and so is every property, we believe outdoor lighting begins with you. From concept to design to installation, we want you to be an integral part of the process, so we can meet your outdoor lighting wants and needs while reflecting your signature style.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we focus on the overall lighting effect by using varying techniques, such as uplighting, downlighting, and moonlighting. As we strategically place our high-quality copper light fixtures throughout your property, you’ll see the textures and colors of your beautiful landscape come alive at night, and the results are stunning.

Low voltage landscape lighting

Picture your next end-of-school celebration. A gentle light sets over your landscape just as the sun dips below the horizon, and the games and laughter continue even though it’s dark. As you watch from the deck, you can see what everyone is doing. The kids are safe and having the time of their lives, and you feel happy that you’ve helped create a memory they will carry with them for years to come.

If you’d like to find out what low voltage landscape lighting can do for your Richmond or Charlottesville property, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 804-874-9985 to complete our online form. We look forward to helping you make your next outdoor celebration the best one yet!