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Enjoy the time-honored art of tree uplighting throughout Midlothian VA courtesy of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

With our rich heritage of the many layers of American history throughout Midlothian and our greater Richmond area, architecture and arts reign supreme.

And lucky for all of us, we are blessed with the presence of majestic and strikingly beautiful trees of multiple species, shapes and sizes throughout our region.

uplighting for trees Midlothian VA

The six most popular native trees in our area are:

• Eastern Redbud: A beautiful, flowering native tree that graces many Virginia landscapes. The Eastern Redbud grows up to 30 feet tall in a range of soils, tolerating acid and alkaline conditions, loams, sand and even clay soils making it a good fit for either soil type.

• Sweetbay Magnolia: Also known simply as Sweetbay, this small tree is an excellent choice for smaller exterior landscape spaces and tolerates both moist soils and drought conditions. The Sweetbay reaches 10 to 20 feet tall when fully mature and prefers full sun to partial shade locations. Dark-green, glossy leaves are 3 to 5 inches in length and have a silvery underside. Creamy-white flowers bloom in late May or early June to avoid damage from spring frost and bear a slightly lemony scent. Clusters of red fruit attract wildlife.

• Bald Cypress: Unique in its appearance and composition, the Bald Cypress is a deciduous conifer, meaning it loses its needles each winter after turning a stunning russet-red color in the fall –and grows a new set of fresh needles the following spring. The heartwood is resistant to decay and mature trees grow into giants, living up to 600 years under proper growing conditions.

tree uplighting Midlothian VA

• Black Gum: A frontrunner within the Richmond area, the Black Gum Tree, or Tupelo, outcompetes many other hardwood deciduous trees in terms of both spring and fall color. (Dark-green glossy leaves give way to shades of yellow, orange, bright red, purple and scarlet in the autumn.

• Willow Oak: A member of the red oak tree family, the Willow Oak is one of the top 100 trees planted in the United States. An excellent choice for a shade tree, the Willow Oak has fine willow-like foliage contributing to its popularity as an ornamental specimen for landscapes.


The five most abundant street tree species here are Sugar Maple, Willow Oak, Crape Myrtle, Red Maple and Pin Oak.

It is interesting to note that each year, Richmond's street trees intercept over 165 million gallons of rainfall and sequester over 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Mother Nature’s little helper, we think.

Our greater Richmond area has an estimated 50,000 street trees and most likely an even greater number surrounding home exteriors throughout our locale.

To showcase their true beauty and grace after the sun sets, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recommends to our prospective clients and customers tree uplighting, to bring your landscape and curb appeal to life – automatically – each evening as dusk sets in.

The art of tree uplighting is achieved with the masterful touch of our COLT-certified outdoor lighting design team in Midlothian.

Our outdoor lighting experts customize Midlothian tree uplighting to achieve your specific goals. We know your home and personal style are unique to you; and we work with you through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation.

As we customize the range of illumination and brightness for each tree within your landscape, we create the overall ambiance and effect you desire.

When illuminating large trees, such as a majestic White Oak, we may consider a broader range of light, while we may narrow the scope to accentuate the angles in your roofline.

home and tree uplighting


With our design expertise, it is our pleasure to design and install stunning tree uplighting effects using our proprietary outdoor lighting fixtures.

Positioned at ground level to shine up onto your trees, our tree uplighting fixtures, hand crafted from the precious metals of copper and brass will blend seamlessly into your exterior landscape.

During your free no-obligation design consultation, be sure to ask about the various illumination effects we can achieve.

To schedule your consultation, you can do so easily right here.