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Outdoor lighting is now much more than just warm white

Glen Allen, VA homeowners and businesses have been graced with warm and beautiful energy-efficient low voltage outdoor lighting for years.

But as technology advances, so does Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond – in living color, you might say.

Yes, outdoor lighting can now be virtually any color you want it to be – when you want it.

custom color changing lighting in Glen Allen VA

It reminds me of the horse of a different color from The Wizard of Oz. As the thoroughbred does his paces outside the gateway to see The Wiz, he transforms from white … to purple … to red … and finally to yellow.

And in case you’re wondering how they did it, as the film was produced in 1939, the George Lucas and Steven Spielberg wizardry of today was not even yet thinkable, so the filmmakers at MGM followed the mandate from the ASPCA.

They refused to allow the horses to be dyed. So instead, technicians tinted them with lemon, cherry, and grape flavored powdered gelatin to create the rainbow spectrum that has now become a timeless moment in one of the world’s most cherished – and remembered – films.

And wouldn’t you know it? The horses had to be prevented from licking the colored powder off themselves between takes.

Outdoor color changing lighting Glen Allen VA


If you’re like us, you enjoy decorating for all the holidays, not just Christmas. Our permanent color-changing lights allow you to celebrate year-round for all your holidays and special occasions.

Unlike other holiday lighting installations, our color-changing lights are permanent fixtures on your property that you control with your phone. When they aren’t set to celebrate, they will provide a warm beautiful light that will highlight your home’s façade and landscape.

And when you want it, with the touch of a few buttons, your home will start spreading cheer for the entire neighborhood! Controlled via your smart phone, your wi-fi enabled outdoor lighting can be ready for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, the 4th of July, or special celebrations like birthday parties and sporting events – the possibilities are endless.

You can even show your true colors while cheering on your Richmond sports teams like the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the VCU Rams, the Richmond Spiders and the Richmond Black Widows.

And if you want to talk about versatility, you can even schedule your lights to change color on set dates and go back to the warm white in between occasions. How’s that for magic?


• Full color LED lighting options

• Full brightness and temperature control

• Durable brass and aluminum fixtures

• Smartphone app controls

• And simple home automation

Color changing outdoor lighting


Color-changing outdoor lights aren’t only for residential properties. They are great for commercial and hospitality properties as well, including shopping plazas, restaurant exteriors, corporate park common areas – heck, virtually anywhere you can think of.

Welcome your guests and clients all year round with warm architectural and landscape lighting, and be sure to make it pop for the holidays and special events.


Now that we have your attention, it’s time to pick your luminescent color palette.

For more information on color-changing outdoor lighting and to schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation, just connect with us right here.