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Trees Are Your Best Antiques

Trees are your best antiques, Alexander Smith, Scottish Poet, 19th cen

Antiques are valuable because they simultaneously connect us to the past, present, and even the future. Antiques are our dearest heirlooms, and as such, they are meant to be preserved, displayed, and admired. Trees are our best antiques. There is something about a beautiful tree that makes us stop and admire the beauty of the world around us. A majestic towering tree reminds us of those who have gone before us and those who will come after. Trees also provide beauty to our homes, give us shade from the summer heat, and spread a sense of relaxation. Indeed, trees are our best antiques.

Tree with focal lighting

Isn’t it a shame to only be able to admire trees in daytime? So much of our time at home is spent in the evening hours. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy our trees when we are at home most? Imagine sitting outside on a summer evening gazing at one of your trees as the sun sets and, at the perfect moment in the settling dusk, a soft light washes over your tree with an elegant glow. Later, as you turn off your bedroom lights, you stand by the window gazing outside and taking in the beauty of your yard once more before you sleep. When done right, outdoor lighting not only extends your usable outdoor space, it also enhances your home.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta, we know how to enhance your home at night. Our light designers offer a high level of experience and artistry to help you determine the best type of outdoor lighting for your space. We know the right type of fixtures, the ideal angles, and the best techniques to achieve the most appealing look to compliment your house, outdoor space, and ornamental trees.

When thinking about tree lighting, there are two very different techniques to consider depending on the result you are trying to achieve. If you want to illuminate an ornamental tree with beautiful branches, such as a willow, oak, or palm tree, the best choice is “canopy-lighting”. With “canopy-lighting” we place a discrete, wide beam ground light in an optimal place to light up the trunk, crown, and canopy in a very elegant way. Another technique that we commonly use is called “moon lighting”. This method mimics the shadowing and light naturally given off by the moon. We carefully mount our custom light fixtures in the ideal places to cast light down through leaves and branches, giving a natural, soothing, and comfortable feel to your outdoor space.


Both of these lighting techniques produce amazing, yet unique results. If you love the trees in your yard, and are interested in highlighting their natural wonder, please call us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta. If you want to know what your trees could look like at night, let us come out and give you a free demonstration. Soon you could be spending your nights gazing at the elegant antiques you never knew you had.

Patrick Otis

Patrick Otis
President, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee.