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Lighting Packages are Perfect for Augusta Homeowners

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we offer the highest quality fixtures and most attractive outdoor lighting design available on the market today. You may notice that many of our advertisements feature pictures of our larger jobs, but we also want you to know that we get just as excited about designing and installing smaller systems. In fact, every photo on this blog page features only 7 of our custom light fixtures.

Front of house with lighting

Just 7 outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate this home beautifully.

As you can see, our goal is to take every space, whether large or small, and to create our trademark warm and elegant atmosphere for your evening enjoyment. This is why we are now offering a special package deal that we think will be perfect for so many homeowners.

Our new package deal includes your choice of 7 light fixtures, a 300-watt transformer, 200 feet of wire and a lighting timer, all for only $1595! This special includes our professional installation fees and all applicable taxes. Also, If you decide you want more lighting in the future, additional fixtures can be easily added at any time.

Pond with waterfall and lighting

Our 7-light package makes this pond and waterfall glow at night.

You’ve heard us say that great outdoor lighting depends on placement, alignment, balance, focus and effect. Utilizing the right type of lighting fixtures is also very important. For example, a ‘canopy light’ is used frequently in tree lighting because its span broadcasts side-to-side as well as top to bottom. ‘Path lighting’ is another option that subtly bathes your walkways with a beautiful glow. However, when using path lighting, the fixtures need to be artistically arranged so that your walkway doesn’t end up looking like a runway. Our expert lighting designers bring the artistry and experience needed to give your house, yard, or outdoor space an elegant look and a natural feel.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we understand both the art and the science of outdoor lighting. Please give us a call today to discuss our special 7-light package deal. We would love to come out and give you a free demonstration to show you how a little of our custom lighting can make a big difference for home or outdoor space.

Pat & Karen Otis with a baby

Pat Otis, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee