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Running the Augusta Half Marathon

Every now and again I like to use a blog entry to highlight some cool and interesting things going on in our community. This week, I am talking about something that I am personally very excited about – the upcoming Augusta Half Marathon.

Pat Otis running a marathon

Running the Augusta Half Marathon Last Year

Some people run for fun, some people only run when a wild animal is chasing them. I use to be in the latter category, but now I’m in the former. I really enjoy running these days and its hard to believe that I only started running 13 months ago to train for last year’s half marathon.

I like that Augusta’s half marathon promotes several things that I am also passionate about – health, family, community and fun.There are so many benefits to regular exercise – weight loss, lower blood pressure, higher metabolism, and better cardiovascular strength. I love the way I feel after running – I think clearer, breathe easier, and have more energy. I also appreciate that the half-marathon is family friendly. My family has come out to support me several times over this past year and nothing gets me more excited than hearing their cheers and applause. Its nice to have an event my family can attend together. The marathon is not only family supportive, but it also celebrates our local community. I am amazed at how this event has grown in popularity – last year the race brought in 1300 runners, this year the tally is up over 60% to almost 2000 people!

Pat Otis' granddaughter with a cheer sign for Patrick

Nothing keeps me going like seeing my Granddaughter cheer me on.

The race is also just flat out fun, which is a major reason why I am promoting it in this blog. I have invited several people to join me in running the half-marathon this year…how about you?

People run for many reasons, but I am running because I love this wonderful city that we live in and I want to support the things that make Augusta great. I also want to be one of those things that makes our city even better. I look forward to going the distance to satisfy all of your outdoor lighting needs. If you have any questions or if you would like learn more about what our lights can do for your home, give us a call at (706) 690-4326 in Augusta or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee.

Pat Otis, President

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