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Helping Your Augusta Home Look 'Just Right' at Night

I love reading to my granddaughter. I cherish the memories we make and the stories we tell. One of my granddaughter’s favorite stories is “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”. You know the tale. She loves to help me tell it, anticipating the part where she says – “Juuuust right”. Although she is still a toddler, she is old enough to understand the concept of ‘just right’.

House facade with lighting

Highlighting the Unique Texture of Home at Night

We all understand the idea of something being ‘just right’, but what most people don’t understand, is how difficult it is to get outdoor lighting to look just right. In fact, many inexperienced lighting companies often make one of two common mistakes when lighting a home or outdoor space: under-lighting, or more commonly, over-lighting. We have all seen a house or yard that suffers from under-lighting – little blue blips of light sadly casting light only a few inches from their bulb. Many have also seen the travesty of an over-lit property – high voltage spotlights blast a house front with a blinding light that looks harsh and sterile.

House with outdoor lighting

Imagine What Our Signature Style Could Do for Your House

Over-lighting is a common mistake that many novice outdoor lighting designers make. Even though some of our competitors may use low-voltage systems, many will still err on the side of over-lighting. Lights that are too bright, or incorrectly installed, will wash out much the detail and texture of what they are lighting. Problem is, our competitors lack the experience and ability to bring out the depth and texture of your property.

So, what is needed to get outdoor lighting that makes your house look just right at night? It takes the right technology, the right design, and the right service. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we have what it takes to do the job right. We have the best technology available on the market today, dependable and affordable service options, and the technique and design skills that comes from 15 years of experience in outdoor lighting. In short, we have all the right stuff that is needed to bring out the texture and details of your stone facades, stucco, ironwork, water features, and garden accent pieces.

Flowers and leaves

Our Lights Capture the Nuance and Detail of Your Yard

We are known for our signature lighting style. Our signature style creates a elegant effect that is neither too subtle, nor too harsh. When you use Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you get a warm and inviting look that will perfectly compliment your home or garden. We believe once you see what we can do for your home, you will understand why our signature effect is coveted by our customers and competition alike.

Our commitment to making things look just right is why we work closely with many of the best known builders, architects, and landscapers in the CSRA area, and why we are often their first and last call for outdoor lighting. We would love to be your first and last call for outdoor lighting as well. If you have any questions or if you would like learn more about how our lights can help your home or garden look just right at night, give us a call at (706) 690-4326 in Augusta or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee.

Pat Otis, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee