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Bringing "Masters Magic" To Your Augusta Home

If you have been outside in the past week, you’ve probably noticed that our world famous Augusta azaleas are blooming. You know what that means…its tournament time!

Red flowers

A Sign of Tournament Time in Augusta

Yes, its tournament time in Augusta. Over the next few weeks our city will be transformed by “Masters magic” – the brown and barren landscape will transform into a picturesque environment of perfectly groomed grass, elegantly trimmed trees, and beautiful blooming azaleas.

Soon, the world’s attention will be upon our fair city as people from all over the globe travel here to attend our famous golf tournament. Many of our customers rent their houses out to golf lovers, others invite special guests to visit, but all expect their homes to have that “Masters magic”. They want their homes to look beautiful and elegant, yet subtle and understated. Our customers work hard to make their homes look just right. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we are in the business of bringing that world-famous “Masters magic” to each and every home we light.

House with outdoor lighting

Give a Warm Welcome to Your Masters Guests

Whether it be a company, or a group of good friends, Masters visitors spend lots of money and have high expectations for their trip to Augusta. Many homeowners spend a lot of money to make their houses look great during the day, but often forget that their renters will spend the majority of their time at their house during the evening hours. This is where we come in. Every year, our customers tell us how our lights provided their guests with a great renting experience. Here are two quick examples – Many of our customers love how our lights give them the ability to naturally extend their home’s living space into the garden and into the evening hours. Others love how our lights create a welcoming scene for their guests as they return home after a long day of golfing (or a fun night on the town).

Garden pathway with outdoor lighting

Extend Your Home’s Living Space into the Evening

Masters week will be here before we know it, and the world will once again come to Augusta. Let us help you bring that “Masters magic” to your home and garden this year. If you have any questions or would like a free home demonstration to experience how our lights can help your home or garden look right at night, give us a call at (706) 690-4326 in Augusta or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee.

Tournament time is our busiest time of the year and our schedule is filling up quickly. We have a few spots still open, so call us today!

Pat Otis, President

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