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Outdoor Lighting – Holiday Expense or Housing Investment?

Christmas decorations, mountains of gifts, tropical getaways, plane tickets – What makes up the bulk of your holiday spending? There are many holiday expenses that lighten your wallet, but few holiday investments that save you time and money. The same is true for your home – lots of urgent expenses, but few investments that pay future dividends or add value to your biggest asset.

House with outdoor lights

Our Lights Are A Great Investment – They Increase the Beauty, Utility, Safety, and Value of your Home.

What if you could invest a little in your home this year, but continue to reap the dividends for years to come?

When you purchase one of our lighting systems, you are increasing the beauty, utility, safety, and value of your home. This is why we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee are so excited about what we do. Whether it be holiday lighting or traditional home lighting packages, our outdoor lights are a great home investment because they give back in so many ways. Here are just a few to highlight for you…

House with Christmas decoration

Invest in Your Holiday Enjoyment by Leting Us Handle your Holiday Decorating Headaches

Headache Free Holiday Decorating – While we can’t guarantee a completely stress-free holiday season, we can help take some of the headache out of your holiday decorating. We you purchase one of our holiday lighting packages we guarantee no more dusty attic visits, no more untangling endless knots of Christmas lights, and definitely no more climbing up (or falling down) rickety ladders in the freezing cold weather. We sit down with you to design the perfect holiday lighting scene for your home and set-it up for you, we will even take it down and store it for you until you need it again next year! The holidays are stressful enough on their own, so let us help you enjoy this precious time with friends and family. For exmaples of our holiday lighting – check out our new animoto video on holiday lighting.

Outdoor light

Every Season Brings A New Return on Your Lighting Investment

Seasonal Surprises – A good investment continues to pay dividends all year long. Our lights give our customers a new gift each night of every season – imagine beautiful spring flowers softly illuminated, well lit summer evening parties, the beauty of fall’s changing colors at night, and warm lights welcoming your holiday guests in winter. Our customers constantly tell us how happy they are with our lights, noting that they the best kind of gift because they keep on giving night after night, month after month, year after year.

Family gathering outside their house

Our Lights Look So Good, & are So Inexpensive to run, you Will Leave Them on All Night Long.

LED Efficiency – One of the biggest (and most surprising) returns on your lighting investment will be seen in your utility bills. Since our outdoor lighting systems are low-voltage, our lights require only a fraction of the energy that standard fixtures use. Better yet, our LED bulbs use 80% less energy than standard halogen bulbs, compounding your possible savings while maxmimzing the potential enjoyment of your new lights. Our lights look so good, and are so inexpensive to run, you will leave them on all night long, all year round.

The holidays are quickly approaching, but there is still time to have one of our lighting experts come out and give you a FREE consultation or home demonstration. We also offer gift certificates and lighting packages that you can give to that special someone on your Christmas list. In fact, if you purchase an outdoor lighting Christmas present with us soon, we can get those new lights installed before your holiday parties.

If you are tired of spending more than you save during the holidays, let us tell you more about the gift that keeps giving all year round. Please give us a call at (706) 690-4326 in Augusta / Aiken or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee / Athens.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Pat Otis, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee