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Festive String Lighting

One of the biggest trends in Austin outdoor lighting is cafe, or string lighting. With our warm climate and lots of available choices, we can take advantage of local restaurant patios and outdoor dining. Cafe lighting has become a very popular way to enjoy the evening into the nighttime with subtle and warm outdoor lighting.

In the last couple years, we’ve had numerous requests from our clients for this type of lighting on their back patio area. Strung around a pergola, or some of the large trees, we’re able to enhance the outdoor living spaces so the entertaining continues into the night.

We’re proud to say we’ve installed a number of dining establishments, hotels, and residential homes with impressive string lighting. Here’s an example of some of our recent projects.

  • Backyard lighting. Great for hosting a party, wedding, or any special event into the evening:

    String lighting

  • The pavilion of a local hotel all lit with string lighting:

    string lighting in a pavilion

  • Picture taken of the patio at our local hill country winery client:

    sting lighting at a winery
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