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LED Outdoor Lighting

The advances in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED outdoor lighting can be seen in the details.

house with outdoor lighting

More than just the look of our outdoor lighting fixtures, LED systems are:

  • Energy-efficient – LEDs use 80 – 90% less energy than halogen
  • Long Bulb Life – LEDs average 50,000 hours compared to halogen’s 4,000hours
  • Warranty – our LED bulb warranty is 5 years, halogen bulbs only one
  • Replaceable – While other manufacturers fixtures must be discarded when the LED stops working, our LED “bulbs” can be replaced in your fixtures
  • Plus, your current halogen system can be upgraded to our LEDs without expensive fixture changes

Today’s LED lighting offers a variety of “colors” – different shades of white, beam spread, and wattage for unique lighting based on the application to light. Our custom designers will be able to assist you in recommending the best product for your property.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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