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Enhance Your Landscape with Outdoor Sphere Lights in Austin

Create Enchanting Backyard Ambiance

Searching for distinctive ways to illuminate your landscaping, trees, and outdoor areas during the night? Perhaps the conventional landscape lighting systems don't align with your vision, or you're yearning for that extra touch of magic in your yard. Look no further than outdoor sphere lights – an innovative and captivating lighting solution that beautifully adorns trees, walkways, and more.

Discover the Magic of Outdoor Sphere Lights

Outdoor sphere lights, also referred to as orb lights or outdoor globe lights, are radiant spheres that cast a subtle, whimsical glow over your outdoor spaces. These lights are available in various sizes and strike the perfect balance between functional illumination and backyard ornamentation. Crafted from durable steel and equipped with long-lasting LED bulbs, outdoor globe lights are built to withstand the elements, making them an excellent choice for hanging among your trees.

Outdoor sphere lights hanging from trees in a backyard setting

Outdoor sphere lights offer versatile applications, including:

  • Pendant lights suspended from trees. This is the most popular way to use outdoor orb lights, and for good reason. The suspended light spheres infuse character and a natural essence into your backyard trees. They serve as delightful embellishments for outdoor gatherings and events and perfect year-round adornments.
  • Ground-level outdoor orb lights. Elevate the modern aesthetics of your walkways and outdoor areas effortlessly with outdoor sphere lights. Securely fixed to the ground, these lights elegantly illuminate your pathways to perfection.

Premium Designs and Installations for Outdoor Sphere Lighting

When you engage with our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team for an outdoor globe lighting installation in Austin, you're making a choice that reflects the utmost excellence in the industry. With our unparalleled warranties and a highly skilled professional installation team, we will design a bespoke lighting solution tailored to your style, requirements, and budget. Our commitment includes ongoing maintenance to ensure that your outdoor orb lighting consistently radiates its best.

Outdoor sphere lighting design

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