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Baltimore, MD Attraction Lighting

Have you wanted to have your very own custom designed outdoor lighting? Imagine being able to have beautiful patterns of both light and shadow cast upon your home’s walkways, deck, or patio. Attraction lighting will give you the ability to not only illuminate your home’s outdoor spaces, but will allow you to add your own creativity and uniqueness to your home’s outdoor spaces simultaneously.

Decorative path lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore is already well known for our ability to bring your home’s front exterior and walkways to life, but we also specialize in attraction lighting. Attraction lighting is a special line of our fixtures that are made of iron and cast a pattern onto your outdoor living space. The results are absolutely phenomenal.

Decorative pool lighting

Through the addition of attraction lighting fixtures, you can add a unique and creative glow to your home’s outdoor spaces. Attraction lighting is designed specifically to give your deck, patio, or walkway a unique look that creates an amazing glow accompanied by an incredible shadow pattern. Whereas with traditional outdoor lighting the goal is to keep the lighting fixtures low-profile, our attraction lighting fixtures are truly works of art themselves and are designed to stand out beautifully.

Decorative pool lighting

If you want to make your outdoor landscape or deck and patio lighting to really stand out, and create amazing patterns you never thought possible, then call us today at (410) 825-4448, email us at, or click the orange “Contact Us” button at the top right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!