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Outdoor Lighting Annapolis, MD

While Annapolis is chock full of things to do, eventually you go home at night and … is it dark there? Whether you’ve been shopping, dining or entertaining guests, wouldn’t it be nice to come residence to a house that’s gently illuminated to welcome you home and light your way inside?

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Many homeowners in Annapolis, MD, have already caught on to the benefits of outdoor lighting, but if you’ve been holding out, for whatever reason, we encourage you to give us a call. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore is the preferred outdoor lighting installer in Annapolis, MD, and we would love to come by and talk with you. Just scrolling down to read the reviews on the home page of our website might be enough to convince you to call us. We are also happy to provide references if you have questions about our service that only a client could answer.

You’ve probably driven by homes in the area that are beautifully illuminated at night. Your home could benefit from that stunning nighttime curb appeal, too! You don’t get that spectacular effect from purchasing some outdoor lights at the home improvement store. No, when you notice homes with the most effective outdoor lighting, you can be certain their lighting was professionally designed and installed.

Benefitsof Outdoor Lighting in Annapolis MD, from Front to Back

Annapolis landscape lightsThe most obvious benefit of residential outdoor lighting might be to show off your home and all of the hard work you have put into maintaining its attractive façade. We call this nighttime curb appeal, and for that effect, we can design the ideal architectural lighting plan to highlight your home’s best features. On the other hand, you may feel the most obvious benefit would be to welcome your guests as they arrive and see them safely to their cars when they depart. Or, perhaps what’s most important is the cheerful glow that would welcome you home each evening – as well as each member of your family.

How much does it cost to install recessed lighting?

There are several factors to keep in mind when budgeting the cost to install your outdoor recessed lighting. This includes factors such as how many lights, labor costs, etc. On average installation or recessed lighting is between $250-$480 per fixture. If you have any question about installation from our team, call us at (410) 346-9443!

In addition to architectural lighting, a big share of outdoor lighting includes a landscape lighting plan designed just for the unique features of your property. In the front yard, you may have a dramatic tree you want to feature or landscaping you would showcase along the front of your home. It takes more than a porch light to extend the kind of welcome we’re talking about, and landscape lighting is a big part of that lighting design.Annapolis tree lighting

A yard doesn’t end at the front of the house, though, and your family and guests would all benefit from landscape lighting in the back yard as well. Whether you’re thinking of increasing your own safety around your property after dark or entertaining guests outdoors amidst the perfect ambiance, outdoor lighting has a huge role to play in the back yard.

Look to Outdoor Lighting for Increased Safety at Home

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore specializes in creating lighting designs that increase the safety of family members and guests alike around your property. If you have any walkways or paths around your yard that are not illuminated, you may not have realized the dangers there. Pathway lighting gives you peace of mind that you have not overlooked “accidents waiting to happen” along a dark or uneven walkway. Steps leading up to your home, even at the back door or garage area, need illumination at night for safety.

Pool and surrounding area lighting

Landscape Lighting Enhances Enjoyment of Outdoor Living, Too

Outdoor lighting in Annapolis, MD would not be complete without special attention to your deck, patio and pool areas. Our clients are usually amazed at how much more time they spend enjoying these outdoor living spaces once they have landscape lighting installed there. Whether you spend time relaxing with family on the deck after dark, hosting parties on the patio with your outdoor kitchen or enjoying a nighttime swim, you need lighting! Outdoor lighting is the best way to create the ambiance you want outdoors after dark. Would you prefer a subtle glow around the perimeter of each outdoor living space, or festive party lighting because every weekend is a reason to celebrate? We can provide both of these effects; just ask us about it!

Pathway and chimney lighting

Every Feature of Your Yard Becomes More Special with Outdoor Lighting

Each yard is unique whether it has formal gardens, a fountain or a trickling waterfall into a pond. Maybe your yard has a fire feature, either an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. How about statues and other yard art? Whatever you have, we can assure you that you’ll enjoy those features more at night if you add just the right amount of illumination. Not too much; a little bit of outdoor lighting goes a long way. Our professional outdoor lighting designers display their artwork – tastefully designed lighting that always enhances and never detracts – purely to show your yard and your home in their best light.

Frequently Asked Questions

do you offer Dock Lighting Installation and Maintenance?

Yes we do! We proudly offer the best dock lighting services around. You can learn more about our dock lighting services here!

Can I get LED lighting for my landscape lighting?

Yes! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore we offer LED lighting solutions for your new and old outdoor lighting systems. The days of harsh blue light are gone! Get attractive, warm outdoor lighting from OLP!

What is the average cost of installing outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting will vary in its cost depending on several factors, including things like how many fixtures you want installed, the kind of lighting, etc. Depending on what you would like for your landscape lighting, it can cost anywhere between $300-$3,000.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore can bring your Annapolis, MD, deck, patio, or architectural facade to life after dark, give us a call today at (410) 346-9443 to learn more!

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