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Why Does Your Lutherville Home Need Landscape Lighting?

Does your home’s gorgeous facade disappear once the sun sets? Does your elaborate landscape disappear into oblivion come nightfall? If so, there’s an easy solution – call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore! We’re the premier landscape lighting installer in Lutherville, MD, and the surrounding areas. Through a few carefully placed, gorgeous lighting fixtures, your home and landscape will come to life at night with character and depth you never noticed during the daytime. All you have to do is call us at (410) 346-9443!

We take our time to work with you to understand the goals and objectives for your Lutherville landscape lighting. Whether you’re looking to accent your home’s facade, elegantly illuminate your home’s walkways, extend the usability of your outdoor living spaces or want to put your flowering plants on display, you can count on us! Unlike most other landscape lighting companies in Lutherville, MD, we specialize in creating custom-designed landscape lighting to fit your exact, precise wants and needs for landscape lighting.

Exterior House Lighting

While you may think there’s not much to landscape lighting, there’s more than you can imagine. There are countless variables to take into account when designing the perfect system for your home and your home alone. Different levels of illumination, different angles of illumination, different focal techniques; these are all important aspects of the outdoor lighting design process. Essentially, we understand when to use specific fixtures and can customize the “effect” the lighting has on your home or landscape. We don’t simply place lighting fixtures, haphazardly, throughout your yard. We take pride in installing gorgeous outdoor lighting right here in Lutherville.

Exterior House Lighting

To sign up for a free outdoor lighting design consultation, simply call us at (410) 346-9443 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!