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Established in 1855, Augusta is a quaint town with a population of a few hundred people located about 45 minutes outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Over time, the town found itself in need of a lot of love. Many of the buildings started to get run down and some of them were actually condemned. But that started to change when a developer had a vision of revitalizing the town and making it into a regional wine destination with a goal of turning the area into the Napa Valley of the Midwest.

Previously, the developer worked with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to install custom outdoor lighting for several properties. With plans to rejuvenate the town of Augusta, he knew just who to contact to achieve the same stunning results—Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis.

The Challenge

The developer purchased two wineries in Augusta – Balducci Vineyards and Mount Pleasant Estates. Previously, these wineries were not open after 6pm, because there was no lighting available on the property. With the vision to host weddings and private nighttime events, OLP worked with the developer to design the perfect outdoor entertaining areas for guests and create a stunning ambiance throughout the property.

Balducci Vineyards and Mount Pleasant Estates

Balducci Vineyards and Mount Pleasant Estates

Transforming Balducci Vineyards

This vineyard stands alone on a country hillside with no ambient lighting in site. One of the first goals was to create curb appeal from the street so it was easy to see the winery from the road and make it safer for guests when they arrive at night. OLP started with installing uplights all around the main barn so that the barn and the sign at night glowed.

In addition, the venue had a large patio that was used for daytime entertaining. OLP installed bistro lighting so that guests could continue to enjoy food and wine after sunset.

Creating an outdoor entertaining space at Mount Pleasant Estates

Mount Pleasant is the oldest winery in Augusta, MO, founded in 1859. There are several buildings on the property including a tasting room, restaurant and event venue. With the goal of hosting weddings and private events, adding outdoor lighting to the main patio area and providing safety for guests at night was a main goal. OLP helped with creating a stunning bistro lighting design incorporating the large Oak tree in the middle of the patio.

Additionally, uplights were added to all of the buildings to add security in the evenings, and pathway lighting added safety for guests to safely navigate between buildings.

The Result

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives worked with the developer to install over 1,300 fixtures and 2,100 linear feet of bistro lighting to transform the two wineries and many buildings in the town of Augusta after dark. As you drive through the town after dark, you’ll see how the outdoor lighting has transformed the town to give a nighttime glow. The event venues can now be open later, increasing revenue for the client and overall ROI.

Nearby wine and beer garden with bistro lighting and lighting on the sign.

This historic brick building at Balducci Vineyards has stunning curb appeal with uplighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provided holiday lighting for nearby Bed and Breakfast properties throughout the town.

Some of the buildings on Mount Pleasant Estates were painted pink and OLP added up lighting to help add security and make them stand out at night.

Curb appeal lighting was added to all of the buildings at Mount Pleasant Estates including this historic wine cellar building.