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Annual Maintenance Plan for Freehold Outdoor Lighting

Is your landscape lighting in Freehold as impressive as when it was first installed?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Central, NJ specializes in outdoor lighting services. We are committed to handling the design, installation, maintenance, and repairs of outdoor lighting systems. Our expertise lies in keeping your LED outdoor lighting system in optimal condition, ensuring a captivating nighttime ambiance for your home and landscape.

To ensure the ongoing excellence of your outdoor lighting, we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). This plan is designed to provide regular pre-emptive service, keeping your LED outdoor lighting in top shape.

Our Annual Maintenance Plan for Freehold outdoor lighting includes the following services:

  • Thorough visual inspection of outdoor lighting fixtures, placement, and design, with recommendations for enhancements
  • Adjustment of fixtures to maintain the integrity of the original design
  • Clearing of any mulch or debris that may obstruct or diminish the light output
  • Comprehensive check of all connections
  • Verification of proper voltage delivery to each light
  • Cleaning of lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and optimal light output
  • Tightening of transformer terminal block connections
  • Concealment of any exposed wire caused by foot traffic or erosion
  • Limited pruning as per your guidance
  • Inspection of automatic timing and operational control system
  • Annual replacement of all halogen lamps, if applicable

Why is the AMP important for your outdoor lighting?

Outdoor spaces are subject to various factors that can impact your outdoor lighting. Here are some reasons why our AMP is crucial:

  • Unintentional movement or displacement of fixtures due to playful activities
  • Accidental encounters with lawnmowers or weed eaters, necessitating adjustments
  • Changes in landscaping and plant growth affecting the lighting design
  • Potential issues with underground wiring caused by annual planting, pets, erosion, or animals
  • New landscaping or outdoor structures requiring adjustments for optimal aesthetics

With our Annual Maintenance Plan, you can trust us to address these factors during our annual maintenance visit. Contact us today at (732) 334-3163 or online to learn more about our AMP and ensure the longevity and performance of your Freehold outdoor lighting system.

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