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This Is Why We're so Good at Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Landscape lightingAfter spending so much for your home and gardens to look picture-perfect, landscape lighting can be the final touch to bring your home to its full glory. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has been the go-to landscape lighting installer in Columbus, OH for over 8 years. Every time a new need arises, customers always call us back to get the job done. And over the years, our clients have referred us to hundreds of people.

What sets us apart and makes us so good at what we do? Customers typically contact us because they want a house that’s beautiful and safer at night. To make this a reality, we use various outdoor lighting design principles to create your exclusive lighting masterpiece.

Here are just a few aspects that landscape lighting installers in Columbus, OH take into consideration:

Landscape lighting needs to work together with your home’s architecture, property layout, and garden to form a cohesive look. As much as we love everything outdoor lighting related, we know the best landscape lighting doesn’t call attention to itself. Instead, it complements what’s already there.

Pathway Lighting

There needs to be the right amount of light in all the right places to create a space that is both gorgeous and secure at night.

Before and after outdoor lighting

Visual Appeal
Besides serving the practical function of allowing your family and guests to see while strolling in your gardens or spending time in your back patio, your landscape lights must be visually pleasing to the eye. No one wants to look at obnoxious lights or oddly placed light fixtures.

Before and after outdoor lighting

Areas of Interest
Do you have any trees in your yard that are old enough to have seen their fair share of history? Or how about having a home with lots of character? Using a variety of lighting techniques, we make sure these unique features in your home are skillfully highlighted.

Artistic Elements
We consider lighting depth, angles, height, illumination levels, light type and color, light fixtures, and so much more to make sure your home is as lovely as can be.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can bring your home’s landscape and property to life after dark, call us today at (614) 877-8937 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!