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Everything You Need to Know About Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting in Powell, OH

When evaluating different outdoor landscape lighting companies, you may come across the term “low-voltage” outdoor lighting. Here’s everything you need to know to determine if this type of light suits your needs best.

What is low-voltage outdoor lighting?
This type of lighting uses a transformer to reduce the 120 or 277 volts we see with a standard line voltage, down to 12 or 24 volts. Low-voltage outdoor lighting in Powell, OH is popular for a variety of applications including landscape, recessed, and display lighting.

Why are these types of lights beneficial?
There are a few reasons why interest in low-voltage outdoor lighting has grown exponentially over the years. Two of these reasons include:

Safety: Because the voltage running in electrical wires are significantly less powerful, these types of lights are safer to use with landscape lighting applications, since cables are routinely buried underground.

Energy Savings: With the power, it would take to light up one fixture conventionally, you could power multiple low-voltage landscape lights.

Should I use these lights for my home?
If you’re looking for a lighting system that is safer to have on your property, can potentially save you money on your electricity bill, and still delivers when making your outdoor landscape lighting dream come true, then low-voltage outdoors lights can be the right solution to your lighting needs.

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We have traditional and LED low-voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. In addition to being affordable, our lighting specialists design your outdoor system to maximize energy use and save you money.

Experience what low-voltage outdoor lighting can do for your Powell, OH, home! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus at (614) 877-8937. We look forward to hearing from you soon!