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It’s Pool Time, Anytime! With Pool Area Lighting in Dublin, OH

Summer is way too short to only put your pool to good use on sunny days. Why not extend the possibilities into the night with pool area lighting in Dublin, OH? Not only will your pool look gorgeous, but it will get more use and be safer.

backyard pool and landscape lighting FUN FOR KIDS

The kids will love playing outside at night in the safety of your home, and good lighting in and around the pool ensures they won’t hurt themselves when they do. Underwater lighting also allows swimmers to see where they’re going and locate objects in the pool, maximizing their enjoyment.

As a parent, being able to see the children at all times will give you greater peace of mind. Nighttime pool use also means no risk of sunburns or heat exhaustion from the noonday sun.


Adults know that nightly swims aren’t just for children. Pool and spa lighting adds drama to the evening with shimmering effects on the water’s surface and mood-enhancing colors. You and your spouse may find your favorite time in the evening is escaping for a dip in the pool after tucking the little ones in bed and the chaos of the day has turned to sweet silence.

pool lighting with landscape features


Whether it’s for your enjoyment or your family’s, pool area lighting can be all everyone needs to find their slice of paradise. It allows you to take full advantage of warm summer nights by cooling off in your pool with family or friends before fall’s chill creeps in.

Bring added safety, beauty and character to your Dublin, OH, pool area after dark! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus at (614) 877-8937. We look forward to hearing from you soon!